Who we are. 

Everyone deserves to live with dignity and appreciation. At Aloha Senior Assistants, we believe that older adults are our greatest asset. We provide respectful assistance for seniors with a quality solutions-focused service.
          We are here to help when you, or someone you love, needs care. We also provide tech support, pet care, mobility assistance and home safety, care plans, real estate services, companionship, transportation, and more.
Aloha Senior Assistants are a solution-oriented center for older adults of all abilities. There really is no problem too big or too small—from running errands to teaching you how to tech or retrofitting your home to remain living independently.
 I was born too late in life, or so I’ve been told. I spent two decades on a stage with my wife as a professional entertainer. We often performed for large groups of seniors, and I found myself talking and sharing stories after the show. There was always a natural connection. When my father was diagnosed with cancer, I became his care giver. I frequently waited hours during his long appointments and heard countless stories of human struggle. I wanted to help. Aloha Senior Assistants is my way of giving back. 

John Fortuno, CEO

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