Step-by-Step Technical support 24/7.  

We can even come to you to teach you or simply find a solution.   

You’re never too old to learn something new, even if it’s technology.In the ever-changing digital times, it’s difficult for seniors to learn how to use new devices on their own. With assistance in learning technology, it shows that adding technology to yours of your loved one’s life will benefit their life immensely.

Not only do our assistants have extensive knowledge and background with technology, they also have the patience to teach you how to effectively use it. Showing a senior how easy it is to talk to a friend you haven’t seen in 7 years through Zoom, or getting an email back within 10 minutes from a family member, helps them see the importance of technology and what it has to offer.

We offer technology assistance in a variety of areas such as :

Internet setup and management 

Email Set up and Managment 

Social Media and Video call platform setup and assistance 

Cable or internet television set up and management 

Computer Repair 

Internet Safety Overview  

Assistance and setup with security systems, home appliances , virtual assistants (ie. Alexa/ Siri/ Echo Dot)

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