Certified Home Safety Advisors 

Learn what it means and how Aloha Senior Assistants can help. 

 As Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists (CAPS), John and his team understand the unique needs of older adults and will do everything they can to provide their clients and their families with a sense of confidence and safety in their own home.

  Responsibilities of a qualified CAPS:

Assessing risk in the the home for falls and understanding the physical and psychological impact falling has among older adults.

Implementing fire safety precautions and modification solutions in the home.

Addressing impairments resulting from normal aging vs. acute injury with appropriate mobility devices.

Educated on the newest technologies available on the market that address home safety for seniors.

Recognizing how modifications in the home can assist older adults with an aging‐in‐ place goal.

Identifying senior exploitation, identity thefts and scams that are widespread among older adults.

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