What is Aging in Place? 

Learn what it means and how Aloha Senior Assistants can help. 

To Age in Place means that you will be remaining in your own home for the later years of your life; not moving into a smaller home, assisted living, or a retirement community etcetera. This lifestyle choice is also known as “Aging in Place” .

When one chooses to Age in Place does this mean changes will not need to be made?

No, changes in the home will gradually take place, such as help for mobility and safety as one may decline in years. In a positive vein, it is the best choice for many, because one can continue in an independent lifestyle and often remain very active. In our day of modern technology, this very topic of Aging in Place has become the forefront of inventive ideas to allow seniors to remain in their own home with the ongoing development and implementation of Assistive Technology.

What is Assistive Technology?

Assistive technology is a term now popularly used to refer to adaptive, assistive or rehabilitation products or devices designed towards providing greater independence to those with disabilities or limited abilities typically caused by the ageing process. Assistive Technology products can assist people with a variety of tasks and improve their quality of life and allowing many to remain at home so they can Age in Place.

Things to consider while Aging in Place:

Making your Home Safe – Aging in Place will require home modifications and often structural changes. Consider what your financial need will be for such changes and who is available to make these changes under state and county codes.

Living with Chronic Diseases at Home – Consider what type of support you will need in the future and perhaps now with caring for yourself, or a loved one with a chronic disease

In-Home Caregivers and/or Companions – Take time while you are active to research in-home care and companions. This is a common senior service that helps many seniors stay in their homes.

Consider a Geriatric Care Manager – A Geriatric Care Manager is a professional that can help evaluate, coordinate, or provide crisis intervention for seniors. They can assist seniors and their families by providing guidance in selecting and coordinating senior housing options, long-term care, in-home care and other related services.

Understanding Risks Involved – Consider carefully with your family and senior professionals what the risks are of staying in your own home as you age and make a care plan. Taking action now is the best plan.

Transportation – Sometimes as we age driving becomes difficult and it is good to have a backup plan for transportation and this is also a service that an in-home caregiver or companion can provide.

Having that ‘talk’ with Children – Take charge of your life now so your children will not have to decide for you, as your aging needs change. Have that long awaited talk about making known to your family what your plans and needs are for aging place.

Making a Care Plan A care plan is crucial for one to keep control of one’s life from the standpoint of finances and health concerns while aging in place. An individualized care plan is updated over time so the needs of the senior can be met as those needs change during the aging process.

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